Uriah Travers



Uriah did not know of his tainted lineage and served as the retainer of his best friend Jared Thompson, after the latter had been Embraced by a Gangrel. A Malkavian who hoped to use his relationship to the Lupines to gain insight into them Embraced him, only to face a brutal retribution from the enraged Black Spiral Dancers. Thompson took Uriah under his wing, teaching him about Kindred society.

Developing closer ties to the Gangrel than his own Clan, his delusions set in and he began to believe that he was not only a vampire but also a werewolf- a member of the rare breed called Abominations. He retreated into a small cabin, rejected from both sides he claimed as his birthright and began contemplating his dark visions. Nevertheless, Uriah is one of the most informed supernaturals within New Orleans, both in Kindred politics and Garou politics.

Uriah Travers

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