Hutch Baily



Hutch Baily is a man with issues. He served in the military for many years, but was eventually discharged due to his questionable mental health. He currently works as a garbage man at New Orleans Waste Management and Sanitation. He lives off the grid due to his fierce mistrust of the government. His grandparents were exterminated in a Nazi camp in 1943. The world is approaching a tipping point and strong measures need to be taken. That’s why Hutch bought an M16 from a friend, keeps it sighted in by plunking rats down at the dump. The world may be a shit-stained stir-fry, but an opportunity to make things right is coming.

He has a brother (Michael Zyers) that lives in New Orleans and claims that residence as his for paperwork/financial reasons. Michael is a shady character, but Hutch always sticks up for him when he gets in trouble.

Hutch Baily

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