Aunt Alma

Belle's Aunt


Aunt Alma is a senile, deranged, as well as unpredictable old woman who is both a maniac and a sweetheart who was born in the Orleans Parish Prison. She has a gift and passion for cooking and quilting. She would say the appeal of quilting is self-evident: you are making a snuggly possession to wrap around yourself and sleep underneath. Plus quilts are complicated to create, so making one gives you serious bragging rights. “Thank you for letting me sleep on this insanely comfortable quilt!” “You’re welcome. I made that, you know; no biggie, though.”

When she was a teenager she was put in a mental institute but got out 25 years later. Aunt Alma formerly worked as a chef at Bayona and currently teaches a cake decorating night class at the University of New Orleans. She spends the majority of her time creating ridiculous quilts and coming up with equally ridiculous Cajun recipes. She also loves her garden out back, claiming that her flowers have filled the void in her life that her good-for-nothing husband created.

Aunt Alma

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